Slip of the Tongue-窺探人們私密內心

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精神分析學派創始人弗洛伊德(Sigmund Freud)曾在其1901年的著作《日常生活之精神病學》中說過, 潛意識是自己意識上不能知道的東西,只能透過一些行為上的失誤旁側敲擊來獲得,這也是人們說的「弗洛伊德式錯誤」(Freudian slip): 

Almost invariably I discover besides this a disturbing influence of something outside of the intended speech. The disturbing element is either a single unconscious thought, which comes to light through the speech blunder, and can only be brought to consciousness through a searching analysis, or it is a more general psychic motive, which directs itself against the entire speech.

 Slip of the tongue, 就是其中一個Freudian Slip。它能洩漏你最不為人知,甚至你自己都不知道的一面;就那麼一瞬間,內心有一個你控制不了的自己衝了出來,說出了你壓抑、逃避、偽裝的真心話。那一剎那,你被自己背叛了。

「Slip of the Tongue」 就是由50多個勇於「出賣」自己的人,一起聯手展出他們的齷齪慾望、零碎記憶和壓抑情感。他們的作品就如潛意識般,沒有邏輯地隨意置放在博物館的每一個角落。

這座由日本建築師安藤忠雄精心打造的Punta della Dogana,標誌性的清水模牆壁,充當了這些作品的背景,營造了安靜不煩躁的氛圍,任由作品在這個奢侈的空間裡展示。





關於更多有關 Punta Della Dogana 的建築細節,請參考以下網站
*Locked in a glass jar, the artist’s visual rebus plays on the double meaning of the word “flies”: the plural of “fly” (the insect and a trouser zipper). The basic material is thus language, isolated and sampled in a glass jar and made concrete by the association of the zippers and the twigs on which they are placed and displayed.
These elements “replay” the body-prints that Hammons made in the 1970s by covering parts of his body, his hair or his clothes with margarine and pressing them against cardboard paper…. these “cigarette-holders” with their twisted wire, swirls of shadow projected on the wall and half-smoked cigarettes, are other emblems of the African American (David Hammons) body.
Codex Artaud is a series of 37 collages. They are composed of sheets of paper glued together end to end in horizontal or vertical stripes, which the artist originally conserved in scrolls, around a cardboard tube….The numbers associated to the works do not clearly reflect a strict order in the process of production.
活活從Joan Miro 畫中跳出來的。這個就是Miro所說的那個“idea”嗎? “Every idea has to develop in my unconscious, and sometimes it takes years… The starting point is absolutely irrational, sudden and unconscious: I start off blindly…”– Joan Miro
Official Caption
This kitchen cabinet appears as a “cabinet of curiosities” that were designed according to the collectors’ wishes. Inside they displayed arrangements of exotic plants or animals, creatures of nature, scientific instruments and artifact, as a series of keys, lists, and places opening up and into different modalities of knowledge…Except that this is an artist’s cuisine and that as such, it is linked to his manufacturing secrets.


與其說這是一個藝術展覽,我更認為這是一個私密日記分享展! 滿足了我窺探的好奇慾望。



*資料來源:Venice, Punta Della Dogana.




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