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IMG_2328IMG_2327Hiroshi Sugimoto 
Glass Tea House Mondrain 

This has to be the most beautiful thing I have seen in Venice. Located on the island of San Girogio Maggiore, the Glass Tea House Mondrain is designed by Hiroshi Sugimoto, a Japanese photographer who also works on architectural projects. This work consists of two parts – a courtyard with a reflecting pool, and a glass cube that hovers above the water surface surface. The fence is made of cedar wood from the Tōhoku region, an area devastated by the Great East Japanese Earthquake. Borrowing the design from Ise Shinto shrine, it bridges the east and the west, and also the surrounding environment with the historical context of Venice by drawing an analogy between the ancient tea ceremony and the art of Venetian glass making. This also explains the name Mondrain - linking Japan and the West, spanning 300 years of time. 

IMG_2217A flora shop near Accademia.

IMG_2211A good-looking dish of tagliatelle which tastes equally nice!
I have been eating A LOT of asparagus in Venice. It’s very cheap in here compare to Hong Kong. Fun fact about asparagus: your urine will have a weird odour after consuming asparagus, this is because our body will convert asparagusic acid into sulphur-containing chemicals inside your body that stink. What is even more weird? Not every one can smell it!! 

IMG_2339View of the exhibition Portable Classic at Prada Foundation, Venice
Hercules on display like Russian nesting dolls, isn’t that just adorable??

IMG_2101Elmgreen & Dragset
Powerless structures, fig. 13, 1997-2014
Mdf, slide-proof rubber, aluminium, glass
73.3 × 56 × 230 cm

The generic title Powerless Structure refers to a series of “figures” created by the artist duo that reorganize a given space according to its multiple functions. This work is a (unusable) diving board whose base pierced through one of the windows of the exhibition space, which challenges the conventions of the white cube gallery.


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