Italian but not so Jamie Oliver’s

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To know the culture of a city, the first thing to get familiar with is their food. Luckily we have a few Italian colleagues and they always introduce us some typical Venetian or Italian food, snacks and drinks. Here are some of the things that you can’t miss, sure it will be the real Italian style rather than Jamie Oliver’s.

Biscuits and sweets

Bussolai and Baicoli

IMG_20150610_224612Homemade Bussolai given by one of our Italian colleagues

They are traditional Venetian biscuits. Bussolai usually goes with wine while Baicoli is good to be eaten with coffee or tea. They can be easily find at the supermarkets and sweet shops.

Tiramisu, Panna Cotta, Cannolo and Gelato

IMG_20150611_233920Tiramisu made by one of our Italian colleagues

If you love sweets, you are gonna love Italy. Sweet shops and gelato shops are almost everywhere. It seems that Italian people like to eat sweets a lot as British and French do.



IMG_20150611_210636Aperol spritz

Spritz is so popular in Italy. It is a sparkling cocktail to be served as an aperitif. There are in total 5 types of Spritz, Campari, Aperol, Select, Cynar and Bianco. Campari is strong and bitter, Aperol is sweet while Select is a mixture of bitterness and sweetness. Select is the taste that created by Venetians. Cynar is made with artichoke and the ingredients of Bianco are white wine and water. Italian people are used to hang out with friends for drinks after work. You can always see groups of people standing outside the bars and osterias, chatting and enjoying Italian tapas.


Fegato alla Veneziana

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto credit: Ilaria’s Perfect Recipes

For some of you who eat beef and viscera, you may want to try this classical Venetian dish made with beef livers and onions.

Cuttlefish Polenta

IMG_20150604_023534Potato Gnocchi and Cuttlefish Polenta

Black cuttlefish is also a very traditional specialty for Venetians. Usually it will be served with polenta, a thick cornmeal mush. Some restaurants also serve it with pasta or risotto.

Frutti di Mare

IMG_20150608_205210Pennette with fish

Frutti di Mare means seafood in Italian. Italian people don’t call it seafood, they will call it fish instead. When you are in Italy, seafood is a must-try dish. It is good to go with any kinds of pastas or risotto.



Pizzas originated from Napoli. The most common one is Margherita containing tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. Diavola filling with hot salami and Capricciosa with ham, artichoke, mushroom and mozzarella are also popular.


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