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tags 分類: 30 Apr 2015

From 11 April

The site was full of construction materials when we reached the site.  I was quite impressed by the the Italian workers. For one thing, they really worked fast; for another, they really did not care about the construction plan but it still worked…hopefully. It was so exciting to work under unknown factors. (The wooden beams shown here were different from beforehand planning and the difference was indeed affecting the projection.)

They firstly set up the main poles for the framework using thread to locate the position of the main construction. The remaining construction would follow the initial thread for positioning. 


Windows in Room 4 were removed and replaced by wooden panels. They measured accurately and did very good job showing great carpentry skills here.  


On the other hand, our artist was testing his secret installation. This was an bold experimental trial in my own interpretation.  


The roof of room 1 consists of 2 walls, the polycarbonate sheet and the drywall. All cables would be hidden in the cavity between the drywall and plastic roof.


The roof structure 


Dry wall roof 

 The holes on the roof exposed the beam where projectors would be mounted.


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