15 things that I learnt living in Venice

tags 分類: 6 May 2015


1. I walk really fast.

2. Hong Kong people are very efficient!

3. When an Italian says, “OKAY, OKAY! No Problem.” It means, “I don’t really understand you but I will work it out in my own way.”

4. Body language is universal around the world but Google translate is still a must. 

5. Based on my observations in Venice, the South Asian here usually sells selfie sticks on the street with goods probably came from China, the Chinese here sells Italian leather products in shops while the African usually sells replica handbags. 

6. Gelato Price Index: Gelato costs 1.8-2.5 euro in tourist area but it costs 1.2-1.5 euro in residential area.

7. To explore a place, please get lost first.

8. Soybean sauce is the real treasure here. 

9. There is always a dark side behind prosperity.

10. Planning is great but things always turn out differently from what you have expected.

11. Good exhibition takes time.

12. Taking photos is quite time-consuming. Sometimes it is better to look and remember.

13. You will really miss the ones who traveled to the same place with you. 

14. A smart phone with internet access is the most important but not a MacBook. Therefore, iPhone is more expensive per gram than Mac; but… I use Nokia

15. “West wants skin to be brown, East white.” Hong Kong people are scared of sunlight.


living in venice

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