First time in Venice

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Thanks M+ for giving me this opportunity that my dream to Venice and the Venice Biennale finally came true. Yesterday, my partner Ashley and I arrived at Venice in a misty morning. Right after picking up our luggages, what we first needed to do was to buy a water bus ticket at ticket machine as reminded by M+’s staff.


Moving in Venice, you gonna know where’re the stops of the water bus and the timetables, sometimes, it takes quite long waiting for a bus to go to only a few stops. Moreover, the speed of the water bus is really really slow..As a Hong Konger, I couldn’t quite get used to it in the beginning. 

The technical interns Dennis and Jeff picked us up at S. Angelo Station. It took around 10-min walk from the stop to our apartment. It’s not far at all (actually, it’s very close) but we felt a bit lost in those intricate and look-so-similar alleys on the first day. Our apartment is just located near Museo Fortuny, an atelier cum museum created by Mariano Fortuny showcasing photography, stage-design, textile-design and paintings. However, at the day we arrived, it’s still under preparation of the new exhibition and will open in coincidence with Venice Biennale. 



After dropping off our luggages, we needa check out the exhibition site. We got off at the stop called Arsenale. It took only 5-10 mins walking to the exhibition venue. Our site is just next to the one of Macau. Some preparation works were still undergoing. The preview will be from 5-8 May 2015. We will post the updated news here.



After spending two days in Venice, I come up with some survival tips

.Get a local SIM card once arrived,you can go to a shop called TIM (Some branches closed on Sundays). A one-month pass costs around 25 euros. It’s very useful to get the local card as you can always google places and locate yourself.

.Try to walk instead of taking water bus. When you have the google map, everything becomes so convenient. Waiting for water bus is time-consuming and walking may be even faster. 

.Get the things you need in the local supermarket called Coop. They usually close at 8pm but on Sundays they close earlier, so it’s better get your things before 5pm.

.Better not to go to the restaurants near the canal, they are much more expensive than those in the alleys. 

.Last but not least, everything seems working so slow here. Be patient. Adjust your mindset. And enjoy the trip.


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