Food Map in Venice

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As a popular tourist destination, Venice has a very high cost of living. If you have to save money, it is better not go to restaurants but instead, head for takeaways. Here comes a few of my favourite places:

Address: Calle Crosera, 3829, Dorsoduro San Pantalon
Recommendation: Duck Spaghetti with Parmesan Cheese(€5)
‘Bigoi’ is a Venetian word for a kind of thick spaghetti. The restaurant is similar to the street food stalls in Hong Kong and it serves many types of spaghetti sauces, like basil pesto and Veneziana sauce. If you prefer a strong flavour, the duck sauce would be your cup of tea. Duck is greasy and tastes “gamier” than chicken, and it is spectacular to have with Parmesan cheese! 

相片 13-9-2015 19 05 53Fried Land
Address: Calle Fiori, Cannaregio 2287
Recommendation: Black Spaghetti with Cuttlefish(€5.99)
This is a small takeaway spaghetti house near Conad, the biggest supermarket in Venice. You may be angry when you find only a few pieces of cuttlefish in the paper bowl. Normally garlic and pepper are dominant in black sauce, while this little shop serve a nuanced and unique black sauce. Also, the size is perfect for dinner!   

螢幕快照 2015-09-19 5.30.39 PMPizza Crash
Address: Castello, 4379/B
Recommendation: Chicken Kebab(Normal – €4 / Grande – €5)
Chicken, mayonnaise, tomatoes and lettuce are the key ingredients for making this simple but juicy kebab with rich taste. It is enjoyable to see the white chicken meat grilled to a golden glaze in front of your eyes. No matter how hungry you are as you buy the kebab, just remember, normal size is not normal.

相片 15-9-2015 17 56 36Osteria Alla Ciurma
Address: Calla Galeazza 406, Sestiere San Polo 406
Recommendation: Fried Shrimp(€1.8)
Without any advertising signs, the bar is hidden inside a quiet lane near Rialto Bridge. Fried food is popular in Venice but it does not mean you get proper warm fried food in every bar or snack shop. In this little bar, food are always freshly made. Fried shrimp is my favourite. I am totally satisfied with the double shrimps wrapped by a piece of juicy onion! Definitely a 5 stars snack!

相片 12-9-2015 14 41 47 copyI Tre Mercanti Srl
Address: Castello 5364
Recommendation: Tiramisu
This is the most delicious tiramisu I have ever had! It’s a must-try! The shop also serves tiramisu in pistachio flavour. Also, the delicate souvenirs like blood orange marmalade and rum fig here are also a must-buy!

12032574_10153347212593229_730400946_nMarchini Time
Address: San Luca, San Marco 4589
Recommendation: Chocolate Croissant(€1.3)

Italians like having a croissant with coffee for breakfast. Chocolate croissant in this bakery got soft chocolate filling. People with a sweet tooth should definitely try.

相片 7-9-2015 15 38 37Grom
Address: Cannaregio 3844
Recommendations: Crema di Grom / Torroncino  Gelato(€2.6 for piccolo)
Grom is a chain store selling luxurious ice-cream of good quality. My Italian colleague suggests me to not buy ice cream that manage to stay stacked its display basins. This is because the shop put a lot of fat into the ice-cream, which make them melt slowly. Grom is the only ice cream shop that would hide their basins inside the fridge in Venice. This is the method to keep the temperature low to avoid the ice cream melting. Less fat is one of the reasons I like this shop, at the same time, I am also crazy about its crispy dressing in different flavours!  

螢幕快照 2015-09-19 4.33.36 PMGelateria Ca’ D’oro
Address: Via Cannaregio 4273
Recommendations: Sesame Gelato(€1.8 for piccolo)
This is an alternative choice from Grom but with a cheaper price! You could always discover some special flavours in this gelato shop. 


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