Welcome to the Art Circus 歡迎光臨藝術馬戲團

tags 分類: , , , 6 Jul 2015

I was never really happy with the word ‘art administrator’. It sounds so mundane, boring and uncreative. The fact is … sometimes it is indeed so! To maintain an exhibition, one often needs to count visitors, record room temperature, fill in forms, write reports, etc. And some days are duller than others. 我一直不太喜歡「藝術行政人員」這個詞,總覺得它聽起來太過沈悶、無聊,彷彿不需要多少創意就可以完成。事實上,有時的確如此!量室溫,數訪客,填表格,寫報告……展覽助理需要不時處理一些繁瑣的事兒,每個月也碰巧有幾天沒那麼好玩。 [Did all …

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